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Aug 21
Coralise: 3D printed coral skeletons could save spectacular reefs from climate change

Jessica Gregory, a 23-year-old nature lover from Newport, Wales, is attempting to save coral reefs by 3D printing replicas of coral skeletons. She hopes young corals will be encouraged to to grow around the 3D printed replicas....

Aug 21
New Congress-approved defense bill could mean more military contracts for 3D printing companies

The U.S. Department of Defense Authorization Bill, which includes stipulations on 3D printing, has passed Congress. The bill requires that the Secretary of Defense brief the House Committee on Armed Services on its plans for additive manufacturing....

Aug 21
This beautiful 3D printed ceramic lamp is made from a single coil of clay

Australian furniture designer Tom Fereday recently highlighted the interior design possibilities of 3D printing technologies with the unveiling of his classic yet eye-grabbing 3D printed Pelo light. The pendant light shade, which is made from a single coil of 3D printed clay, was realized in partner...

Aug 21
HUMMs 3D printed brain zapper gives video gamers competitive edge

HUMM, a startup based in Perth, Australia, is developing a 3D printed headset that boosts brain performance by delivering electric shocks to wearers. The device uses four electrodes to measure brain waves, and stimulates the brain to improve short-term memory and mistake evasion....

Aug 21
Indian doctors implant 3D printed prosthetic ear made using CoEPs Osto3D modeling software

A 32-year-old woman from India has received a prosthetic ear implant in record time thanks in large part to 3D modeling software and 3D printing technologies. The procedure, which was performed last month, was enabled by the College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP) and the Armed Forces Medical College (A...

Aug 21
Chinese city of Nanjing gets first 3D printed bridge railings

An opening ceremony was recently held to celebrate the completion of a major project in China, which was the installation of the country’s first 3D printed bridge railings....

Aug 20
3D print and assemble Anouk Wipprecht illuminated High Tech Edelweiss necklace

Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht is hands down one of our favorite innovators within the fashion-tech field, having come up with such original designs as the 3D printed Smoke Dress, the 3D printed Spider Dress, and the ever amusing Drinkbot 3D printed cocktail dress....

Aug 20
TinyLev: a 3D printed home acoustic levitator that is capable of holding liquid and insects in mid-a

Engineers from the UK’s University of Bristol have developed “TinyLev,” a 3D printed acoustic levitator that can be used to suspend matter in mid-air. The device could be used for blood tests, inspection of insects, and more....

Aug 19
This easy-to-follow 3D printed chess set tutorial will have rookies printing rooks in no time

Adafruit has published a tutorial for a 3D printed chess set with a “Circuit Playground” theme. The detailed pieces are made from ColorFabb PLA-metal filaments, while the chess board can be printed in regular PLA....

Aug 19
Imagined Artefacts: Artist Anousha Payne uses 3D scanning and printing to appropriate artefacts

London-based artist Anousha Payne has used 3D printing to create her latest art series “Imagined Artefacts.” The project, which consists of a number of 3D printed abstract structures, explores several themes including representation, replication, and the significance of an artefact outside of it...

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