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Jul 24
Tomsk-TPU-120: Russias first 3D printed satellite to be deployed from ISS next month

Russian astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) are preparing to launch Russia’s first 3D printed satellite into space. The Tomsk-TPU-120 satellite was sent to the ISS in March 2016, and will be deployed on August 17, 2017....

Jul 24
Argentinian woman can talk, eat and breathe normally again thanks to 3D printed trachea implant

An Argentinian woman has been given a new lease on life thanks to a 3D printed trachea implant. The woman, who could not speak or eat comfortably due to complications from peritonitis, says that she is now able to do these normal everyday activities with ease again....

Jul 24
Introducing Geeetech new cloud connected GiantArm D200 3D printer

Geeetech’s has just launched its new GiantArm D200 cloud 3D printer on the market. Boasting versatility and agility, the new GiantArm brand is engineered with the vision of embracing the bold ideation and creative passion of all 3D printing users....

Jul 24
Life size 3D printed Corto Maltese statue to celebrate 50th anniversary of the Italian comics series

Metropole, an event management and 3D printing company based in Paris, has 3D printed a life-size replica of Corto Maltese, the titular character of Hugo Pratt’s Italian adventure comic Corto Maltese. The 3D printed sea captain was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the comic....

Jul 24
Facebook Building 8 files patent for a mysterious 3D printed modular smartphone

Building 8, an innovative research lab operating under Facebook, recently published a patent application it filed for a “modular electromechanical device.” In other words, a modular, multipurpose smartphone. The best part? It could feature a 3D printed chassis....

Jul 24
Fall Creators Update to Windows 10 will replace 3D Builder app with Paint 3D and Print 3D

Microsoft’s recent announcements regarding the latest updates for Windows 10 had some news that might be interesting for 3D designers and 3D printing hobbyists....

Jul 23
How a fly trapped inside a 3D printer became the first 21st century fossil

3D printing has been called the way of the future, and the dawn of a new era in manufacturing – but what about a time capsule of the present? Thanks to an unlikely incident with a common house fly, the Internet is now exploding with conjectures about the possibilities of 3D printing as a 21st cent...

Jul 22
3D printed gun files are selling for $12 on dark web, new report reveals

We all know of the benefits that 3D printing technology can offer and the potential that it has to revolutionize manufacturing and even save lives, but less frequently discussed are the inherent dangers. ...

Jul 21
3D printed submarine built with ORNLs BAAM 3D printer suggests additive future for Navy

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has partnered with the Navy’s Disruptive Technology Lab to develop the military’s first 3D printed submarine hull. The 30-foot carbon fiber demonstrator was 3D printed on ORNL’s Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) 3D printer over the course of a few days...

Jul 21
3D Printing News Roundup: Sigma Labs, Perfected3D, Dremel, Airwolf 3D, CP Glass, China XD Plastics

Here’s another quick round-up of all the most recent happenings in 3D printing technology, because we know it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with everything. Just recently the 3D printing world saw Sigma Labs patenting a new 3D printing quality control system, Airwolf 3D launching a new ...

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