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Oct 23
Virginia museum uses 3D printed tactile artefacts in touch tours for visually impaired

The Virginia Historical Society (VHS), a Richmond-based museum dedicated to Virginia’s history, has recently embraced 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to give their visually impaired visitors a more dynamic and thorough experience....

Oct 22
Obayashi Corporation 3D printed curved bridge first of its kind in Japan

As 3D printing technology advances, its benefits are being recognized by a wide range of different industries, from aerospace to healthcare. Construction is another sector that is increasingly taking up the 3D printing mantle....

Oct 21
This startup built an affordable 3D bioprinter from a Monoprice Select Mini

As we enter the age of affordable desktop 3D printing, one company is keen to show that inexpensive bioprinting is the next logical step. An American startup by the name of 3D Cultures has just released the Tissue Scribe 3D bioprinter, a desktop system equipped for printing bio-materials in research...

Oct 21
UK startup Plumen wants to light your home with new Ruche 3D printed lampshades

Plumen, a UK-based lamp and lighting company, has teamed up with designer and engineer Hook Phanthasuporn to develop a series of 3D printed hanging lampshades. Called “Ruche,” the 3D printed lampshade collection was inspired by forms and shapes found in nature....

Oct 20
Thermwood & collaborators 3D print PSU helicopter mold using LSAM technology

A joint team from Purdue University’s Composites Manufacturing and Simulation Center, Thermwood Corporation, Applied Composite Engineering (ACE), and Techmer PM demonstrated how it produced a composite helicopter part using a mold that was 3D printed out of polysulfone (PSU)....

Oct 20
3D printed cell-opening mechanism opens new possibilities in camouflage, drug delivery

Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have used 3D printing to design a unique sequential cell-opening mechanism that could be used for drug delivery and color-changing camouflage materials....

Oct 20
DISTRO: Researchers create digital 3D objects from incomplete 3D scanning data

Researchers from Germany’s Saarland University and Max Planck Institute for Informatics have joined Intel to improve digital 3D object creation using incomplete 3D scanning data. “VConv-DAE” is a convolutional volumetric auto encoder that learns volumetric representation from noisy data....

Oct 20
Israels CollPlant to improve 3D bioprinted organs following $5M investment from billionaire Martin S

Israeli 3D bioprinting company CollPlant Holdings Ltd. has announced it will be moving ahead with the development of implantable 3D printed organs. The announcement follows a significant investment from Alpha Capital, the foreign investment company owned by Austrian billionaire Martin Schlaff....

Oct 20
3D printed robotic lab allows Imperial College London scientists to examine multiple insects at once

A 3D printed robotic device developed at the UK's Imperial College London allows scientists to monitor many insects at once. The Raspberry Pi-powered device allows neuroscientists to closely examine fruit flies, which are surprisingly similar to humans in many ways....

Oct 20
University of Michigan professor doubles 3D printing speeds using vibration-mitigating algorithm

The Smart and Sustainable Automation Research Laboratory of Chinedum Okwudire, an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, has developed a software algorithm called “FBS Vibration Compensation” that effectively doubles 3D printing speeds....

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