3D Medical Expo Review: 3D4Makers Quality Filaments

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  • 31 January , 2016

What filament does produce?

The young company produces a wide range of highly advanced quality filaments, and in this case we take a look at 2 of their products, which were shown and demonstrated on the 3D Medical Expo 2016 in Maastricht. PCL (Polycaprolactone) and PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) are both filaments that are known for their unique features. At the exhibition, a live performance was shown, together with the colleagues of Tractus3D.

What makes PLC filament special?

Due to the low melting point of PLC (60C), the 3dprinted object can be molded as required after the 3dprinting. This is of great benefit for many purposes, e.g. the exact shaping of parts printed for use on the human body. The processing can be done with great ease: simply use warm water, dip in the object.and mold as needed. For both professional and consumer purposes this process is very accesible. The printing itself will take place at a temperature of approximately 120C. The company mentions another 2 important factors: First of all, the filament is made of high quality material, which prevents missprints and printerheads getting stuck, opposed to many cheap produced imitation materials. Next to that the material is biodegrable which makes it environemtfriendly.

What makes PEEK filament special?

PEEK is a unique filament that can resist temperatures of 250C. With this, the filament can make heatresistant products, mostly used in many industrial processes. These processes mostly are demanding applications in which strength, high temperatures and chemical resistance are required. The use of PEEK is quite new and will make a great leap in 3dprinting for sure, according to 3D4makers.

On which printers can PEEK be used?

Most probably on quite some printers, allthough the 3dprinter needs to be equiped for the high melting temperature (ca. 390C). At the exhibition a live print event was shown on the Tractus3D Delta FDM Printer. Great to see a 3dprinting process at such high temperature!


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In one of the next series we will be writing more about the special products of Tractus3D.

Many thanks to the friendly demonstration and explanation of


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