3D Medical Expo, The Netherland 26/27-01-2016

  • 3D Printer Cafe
  • 24 January , 2016

What is the Maastricht Medical Expo?


This exhibition is meant to bring together global companies in the 3D Medical suplly chain with a large group of consumers, end-users, developers and researchers. A great part of the exhibition exists from 3D Printing solutions. Various conferences will be held on 3D Bioprinting, 3D Dental Printing, 3D Medtech Printing and 3D Medicine Printing.

Why go to this 3DP expo?

In the Medical 3DP field, this is one of THE expo's to visit. With over 800 visitors and attendees the exhibition will bring many parties in tocuh with eachother. Companies and researchers have a great platform to show their products and devellopments, which benefits visitors in keeping up with the latest in Medical 3DP. Next to that, MECC is easy reachable for both national and international visitors. As with so many exhibtions, it is excellent for networking in specialized fields of work.

What (news) can be expected?

In the next 2 days 3D Printer Cafe will cover a selection of the new products and developments that can be found on the expo. 3D Printer Cafe will focus on the 3D Printer prodcuts and devellopments, which many companies will show.So please, stay tuned! Also, 3D Medical Expo has a lot of information on the participants and their products.

See you there!


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