3D printing to restore classic cars

  • Nimish Sany
  • 6 July , 2016

To quote Bogart from Casablanca, ‘this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship’ and quite an odd one at that. Youngstown in Ohio, where old classic cars have found their savior in a new friend- 3dprinting. Freshmade 3D, a vehicle restoration company based out of Ohio 3D prints the much needed and rare spare parts for old classics, thanks to them the cars have found their way back to the streets.  

Freshmade 3D team

Christopher Tomko, president and COO of Freshmade 3D says, "We can do this. We can give you a perfectly functioning metal part that's either been enabled by 3D printing or literally 3D printed."Tomko explains the scarcity classic car owners face during an overhaul. "If you're looking for a part, a lot of times you can find something. But it's not necessarily something you want on your car." adds Tomko.

The actual model to be printed out is developed from a rusted model and then modified with inputs from their own knowledge, explains Brett Conner, CTO of Freshmade 3D. Conner goes on to explain how 3D printing has made restoring old cars easier, cheaper and faster. "In the traditional sense, you're usually waiting years to get the parts. Now in this case, you can get it in a few weeks," says Conner.

Image: Freshmade 3D/LinkedIn

Freshmade 3D has made it easy for collectors looking to restore ld beauties by partnering with Hahn-Vorbach,  a restoration company who has been in the field for the last 15 years. Their experience and craftsmanship has found a great ally in Freshmade 3D’s cutting edge technology.

Paul Vorbach, President of Hahn-Vorbach associates says, "The big deal is, you're really cutting out that machining process. You still have to design things and you still have to do some finish work and chrome it and stuff like that. You just don't have to make ten thousand of these things to recoup your machining costs."

Freshmade 3D CEO Rich Wetzel remarks how instrumental 3D scanning proves to be in the process. "The digital data that you can achieve now with 3D scanning allows these machines to produces these parts to such high tolerances and to specifications that came out of the factory," said Wetzel.

Seems like 3D printing has put the show on the road!


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