5 things you need to know about the new 3D printed drone from Airbus!

  • Nimish Sany
  • 10 June , 2016

Airbus has been a proponent for endorsing 3D printing for aerospace and aeronautical industries for so long. Airbus had taken the matter into their own hands when they claimed the A350 XWB had about 1000 3D printed parts onboard. They're leading the 3D printing industrial applications in the aviation industry like none another and with their latest drone Thor which is completely 3D printed, Airbus is clearly winning the race between the rival, Boeing. Here are 10 fact about Thor that you can't afford to miss!

  • Thor stands for Test of High-tech Objectives in Reality. Aptly named, the drone is sure to undergo some serious tests to prove its mettle.

  • Thor weight about 45 pounds and is less than four metres long. Did we already say it completely lacks any windows?

  • Thor is more of a test drone to see what's actually possible in aviation industry with 3D printing; and is not an actual drone up for sale. Wallets back to their places!

  • It has about 50 3D printed parts, two electric motors and one remote control. While it is the first ever drone or aircraft to be completely 3D printed, the electrical elements were made from polyamide.

  • The drone was built just within a month and was unveiled during the International Aerospace Exhibition at Berlin.

"We want to see if we can speed up the development process by using 3D printing not just for individual parts but for an entire system", says Mr. Detlev Konigorski, head of the project.


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