Beijing firm 3D prints earthquake proof mansion

  • Nimish Sany
  • 11 July , 2016

The Chinese have a flair for coming up with simple yet brilliant innovations. It was only a matter of time they’d stumble upon 3D printing; but it seems they have done more than just stumbling. HuaShang Tengda, a Chinese architecture firm has added a new element to the streets of Beijing; a 3D printed mansion which the company claims is earthquake proof.

Here are 7 interesting facts about the mansion:

  • The mansion is capable of standing firm even during an earthquake measuring a magnitude of 8.0 in the Richter scale.
  • 3Dprintercafe has earlier reported the opening of a 3D printed building in Dubai. But the mansion in Beijing by HuaShang Tengda is the first ever building to be completely 3D printed on site, whereas other structures were assembled after 3D printing the parts separately.
  • The mansion was built in just 45 days using 20 tonnes of concrete. Some of the walls are thick upto even 2.5 meters! After printing out the whole house, workers started on interior design and painting.

3D printed mansion


In its website, HuaShang Tengda says, “Because of its speed, low cost, simple and environmentally friendly raw materials, it should generally improve the quality of people’s lives. Particularly with the use of the new rural construction, it can now improve farmers’ living conditions. The technology will have immeasurable social benefits.”

  • Electronic ingredient formulation, transmission, concrete mixing and 3D printing were all managed using HuaShang Tengda’s self developed software.
  • Before ‘printing out the house’, the company installed the building’s outer frame including the steel bars and plumbing of the mansion.
  • Although the cost for 3D printing the mansion is not revealed yet, the company claims its cheaper than building a house of the same size and features using conventional methods.

HuaShang Tengda also aims at adding a 3D printed building to Beijing’s skyline and it might be just around the corner!


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