Daimler AG to 3D print spare parts

  • Nimish Sany
  • 16 July , 2016

Daimler AG, the world’s largest truck manufacturer that churns out more than 400,000 trucks annually worldwide will now use 3D printing for their spare parts.

The company which makes Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner Trucks, Unimog, Western Star, Fuso, BharatBenz trucks has adopted 3D printing to make spare parts available at any point in the supply chain by sending the blue-print and design of the spare part to a 3D printer anywhere in the world, thereby breaking barriers of time and cost involved in shipping the parts. Starting from September, Mercedes-Benz trucks worldwide will make use of 3D printing to avail any spare part in need. Spares of spring caps, clamps, air and cable ducts, control elements and mountings will be 3D printed in plastic and made available for customers globally. The company currently possesses about 100,000 spare part prototypes which will used for the expansion of production and supply chain management using 3D printing.

mercedes benz truck

"In keeping with our brand promise 'Trucks you can trust', we set the same benchmarks for reliability, functionality, durability and economy for spare parts from 3D production as for parts from conventional production", says Andreas Deuschle, Head of Marketing & Operations in the Customer Services & Parts Mercedes-Benz Trucks Division. "However, 3D offers many more possibilities; this is why we shall be rapidly extending the production of 3D printed parts. We benefit from our extensive experience at Daimler with 3D printing processes in prototype construction", Deuschle added.

By employing Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technique, spare parts can be printed out by supplying the part design and spare part number. This could help customers in procuring spare parts for their trucks which are not in production or parts which are scarce in the market. Meanwhile Daimler saves the trouble of wastage by mass producing spare parts which are very low in demand.

By introducing 3D printing in direct supply chain management, one of the world’s most successful automotive companies is making a statement that’s impossible to ignore: the future days of 3D printing which we have predicted for so long, is finally here.


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