Dubai Future Foundation invests $100m in 3D printing

  • Nimish Sany
  • 21 October , 2016

In what reveals to be future plans for the megacity, Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) in association with US based design software Autodesk has decided to invest a fund of $100 million in 3D printing start-ups.

The MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed between the two companies, states that DFF will identify suitable investments and will extend financial support from Autodesk’s $100 million Spark investment fund.The funds will be utilized for budding investment-worthy start-ups that can pitch something innovative using 3D printing and for methods to improve the technological environment for accelerating innovations using 3D printing, with developing a regional market for 3D printing services where 3D printed products can find buyers in medical, construction and manufacturing industries, etc.

Dubai Future Museum

Dubai Future Museum hit the headlines when it was unveiled as the first 3D printed building in the region. Image: Engadget

 “3D printing technology will revolutionize the economic sectors that most affect people’s lives,” says Mohammad Al Gergawi, the Minister for Cabinet Affairs and the Future and vice-chairman-cum-managing director of Dubai Future Foundation. He added that the 3D printing strategy devised by his country will see a turnover of about $300 billion in the industry by 2030, turning UAE into a global destination for the 3D printing industry.

Hinting at the industries that will be benefited by the funds, Al Gergawi said, “3D printing technology has taken centre stage in the global market, drawing attention from all major tech companies and research and development centers around the world as they work to accelerate its introduction into traditional markets, in addition to establishing exciting new markets.”


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