GE acquires two European 3D printing firms

  • Nimish Sany
  • 8 September , 2016

Just two days ago on Tuesday, General Electric announced the acquisition of two European 3D printing firms, namely Arcam AB from Sweden and SLM Solutions Group from Germany for a whopping $1.4 billion. GE has reportedly spent about $1.5 billion by investing in 3D printing which means the company is upping the investments in additive manufacturing.

GE, in a press release, explains the prospects of the two firms which led to the acquisition, while Arcam “invented the electron beam melting machine for metal-based additive manufacturing and also produces advanced metal powders,” SLM Solutions “produces laser machines for metal-based additive manufacturing.” Both firms are versed in aerospace and health services while SLM Solutions has clients in energy and automobile industries. David Joyce, GE’s CEO of Aviation told the Wall Street Journal that, while the jet engine industry remains GE’s main interest in using its 3D printing investments, the company has plans to implement additive manufacturing in its turbine and medical equipments industries.

GE's 3D printing facility at Pittsburgh.

“GE said it expected to purchase about 1,000 new 3-D printing machines over the next decade,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “By bringing the two firms in-house, GE says it could cut costs by $3 billion to $5 billion across the company, since the technology could reduce design and material costs.” The acquisitions will allow GE to emerge as a major supplier of industrial 3D printer supplier and 3D printing solutions. Greater time required for 3D printing in mass production has led companies to put down additive manufacturing as a viable manufacturing option. However; according to the Wall Street Journal report, GE expects to make 3D printing faster by 2-3 times within the next five years.


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