GO wheelchair: customize using an app and 3D print this wheelchair.

  • Nimish Sany
  • 23 June , 2016

3D printing has already established its significance in medical health and rehabilitation by proving it is one of the easiest and adaptive technologies to be put into use by printing out prosthetics and in-situ production of surgical equipments, etc. While the scope of 3D printing in medical and health equipments are vast and yet to be explored, Materialise and LayerLAB has begin to tap its potential with the customizable, futuristic, 3D printed Go wheelchair.

GO wheelchair

LayerLAB is a division of Layer, aimed at improving the quality of life by innovating new emerging technologies. LayerLAB has teamed up with Materialise to make the idea of a customizable wheelchair that would fit each person’s requirements.GO is the result that follows a two-year dedicated research where Layer interviewed  dozens of wheelchair users and healthcare professionals to learn the difficulties one would have to face while trying to use a wheelchair, ‘fit in’ so to say. Rather than an individual trying to fit into a wheelchair, Layer has ’materialized’ the idea of the wheelchair fit unto the individual; and this is what they came up with.

GO wheelchair

The semi-transparent resin and shock-absorbent TPU plastic used in printing the wheelchair has imparted futuristic aesthetics and functionalities to the GO.

“We’re really excited to be working with Layer and Benjamin Hubert to bring the GO wheelchair to life. It’s an excellent example of the use of 3D printing to offer mass customization and personalization of products. An integral part of the Materialise ethos is to develop meaningful applications of 3D printing that have a positive impact on individuals’ lives, and the GO wheelchair is one of those projects with great potential,” says Philip Hudson, managing director, Materialise.

Layer lets you use the app to provide in your physical data such as shape to choose the shape and size of the wheelchair. You customize it further to add features like push bars, transfer bars and side guards. Even the colors and seat pattern can be customized.

Using the app

customize options for GO


The GO gloves feature included in the wheelchair offers greater power-to-push ration thus relieving pressure off the shoulders.


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