Jul 12
3D printed coral structures to save marine ecosystems
by Nimish Sany

A joint project between RDL, a Melbourne based non-profit organization and architect James Gardiner aims to save marine ecosystems using 3D printed coral structures.

Jul 11
Beijing firm 3D prints earthquake proof mansion
by Nimish Sany

7 facts you need to know about the 3D printed, earthquake proof mansion in Beijing.

Jul 9
Juno takes 3D printed parts to farther distances
by Nimish Sany

The 3D printed parts present on Juno become the farthest traveling 3D printed product in history.

Jul 7
3D printing micro lenses onto optical fibers.
by Nimish Sany

Researchers from University of Stuttgart in Germany has developed a technique to 3D print micro lenses directly onto thin optical fibers. The results are astonishing!

Jul 6
3D printing to restore classic cars
by Nimish Sany

Freshmade 3D, a restoration company based in Ohio uses 3D scanning and printing to produce rare spare parts for restoring the classic beauties.

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