Jun 24
World of Bioprinting : Myth or Reality?
by Nimish Sany

Bioprinting has been one of the most widely discussed and observed applications of 3D printing. The article discusses the developments and future of Bioprinting.

Jun 23
GO wheelchair: customize using an app and 3D print this wheelchair.
by Nimish Sany

The GO wheelchair from LayerLAB and Materialise lets you design and customize your own wheelchair using an app.

Jun 22
When Daihatsu meets Stratasys, customized cars happen!
by Nimish Sany

Daihatsu and Stratasys team up to let customers choose cool 3D printed customized "effect skins" for their car textures!

Jun 20
Verus Art to use 3D Scanning&Printing to recreate Fine art masterpieces
by Nimish Sany

Verus Art, a conglomeration of Larson-Juhl, an American design firm and Dutch companies Océ, A Canon Company and Arius Technologies is planning to replicate masterpieces of the likes of Van Gogh's The iris using 3D scanning&printing.

Jun 18
3D Varius, the first electric and 3D Printed violin is up for sale!
by Nimish Sany

The first ever 3D printed electric violin has hit the markets and here's why it's totally worth buying!

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