Instructables features uber cool DIY 3D printed lantern

  • Nimish Sany
  • 23 August , 2016

3D printers have found homes in households and are no more confined to laboratories and factories. The popularity and uses of 3D printing has earned a permanent place for 3D printers in households. Ranging from pens to clothes, there are much less things a 3D printer says no to. Instructables, recently demonstrated how to 3D print a smooth looking lantern with just the basic sort of things- battery, basic electronics, etc. The lantern is materialized by Jonathan Odom, a designer at the Instructables Design Studio. The lantern is portable and draws energy through wireless charging and lights up a 3.7v 2000mAh LED light. The smooth, curvy design contributes much to the portability of the lantern which was possible by 3D printing.

schematics and components


Jonathan used Autodesk Fusion 360 to design the cubic design which he describes as “a more regular, modified cube design where the lens is basically three sides of the cube’s sides.” The design is available for download on the website and can be 3D printed using a printer with a build area of 5 inches or greater.Due to the requirement of additional support material during the 3D printing process, the design seems improbable, however; Jonathan explains that the corners became concentric and created a smooth, curvy look. After 3d printing the sleek design, all that was left to do was assembling the electronics and battery and the parts.

lantern in hand


The DIY project is not a difficult one and seems doable, provided you have the right 3D printer. Instructables says that the project takes just around $80 to build yourself a smooth lantern.


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