Light Rider- The 3D printed electric motorcycle!

  • Nimish Sany
  • 10 June , 2016

To the wide range of things that have been 3D printed, the newest entry is something that moves on two wheels and has an electric motor. No, it’s not a toy.

Meet the Light Rider, the aptly named 3D printed electric motorcycle from AP Works, a subsidiary owned by Airbus; and weighs just about 35 kilograms in all its glory. As electric motorcycles go, the weight has been significantly cut off by more than 30 percent.

Printed with AP Works’ patented Scalmalloy material, the motorcycle looks like a futuristic robot on wheels. The structure design is a result of a much calculated algorithm that ensures minimum weight while keeping the frame of the motorcycle sturdy and rigid during loads. Airbus claims the sophisticated “branched hollow” structure would have been impossible to manufacture using conventional manufacturing methods like welding or casting, etc. Selective 3D laser printing has been employed to manufacture the intricate design, melting the Aluminum alloy to layers of the order of microns. More gaps mean more space for cables and cooling.

On the performance front, the Light Rider can touch 45kmph from zero in just 3 seconds, running on a 6kW electric motor. You can put behind 60 kilometers before you need to charge it again.

Airbus is putting up fifty of these limited edition Light Riders for sale. You can go here, buy one if you’re interested. 


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