M3D Micro 3D Printer : Your new home appliance!

  • Nimish Sany
  • 16 June , 2016

Meet M3D, the beginner's 3D printer. Perfect for those who are intrigued by the concept of 3D printing and want to try printing out something for one of your home appliances. If you’re a designer, this could just be what you’re looking for. Here are a few reasons why you should bring home one for yourself:

Quiet as a ninja!

The 3D printer is really quite while printing, thus eliminating that office buzz from your home while printing.

Easy to Install

This is a big deal! Many people drop the idea of buying a 3D printer because it’s a tedious task to either install or running a 3D printer.

Change scale with ease

Many .stl files from CAD are suited for average/business sized 3D printers. But you can scale them down to suit M3D using modeling softwares.

Perfect for your home based business

Do you work from home? 3D printers can come handy for your small business needs. Are you an artist who explores new pastures? 3D printed stuff could be just the thing you might need for an avant-garde project.

Make toys and jewelry

M3D is just like any other home appliance. Print out toys, gifts, coffee mugs or even jewelry. Business ideas anyone?

At $350, M3D is a beginner’s collectible to churn out some cool goodies!


Nimish Sany: I bleed my thoughts on paper. And if I cant find a paper, blogs serve the purpose just fine.

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