Rosatom incorporates 3D printing as part of business strategy

  • Nimish Sany
  • 31 July , 2016

Russia’s state owned Rosatom will incorporate 3D printing into its business plans as part of its non-core strategy. The nuclear energy corporation will, reportedly, develop its own 3D printers which use innovative metal powders in manufacturing structures and parts of machines used in nuclear plants. Aleksey Dub, Deputy Director of Rosatom’s science and innovations division, says the company’s many divisions have made suggestions and proposals for parts made using additive manufacturing.

"Over two and a half years 3D printing became one of the leading areas for Rosatom's non-nuclear business. Today, a roadmap and strategy of additive technology development in the nuclear industry have been formulated,” says Dub on an interview to RIA Novosti. “By the end of 2018, Rosatom should have the full set of expertise needed to offer additive technology services. There are plans to have equipment, materials and technologies in order to offer the possibility of implementing any design ideas in the form of finished products," he added.

Rosatom industries manufacturing unit

Image: Rosatom

The 3D printed parts which are being manufactured are primarily tested for their reliability to meet the safety regulations so as to resist high energy radiations resulting from heavy neutron fluxes, Dub remarks. "By 2018, we expect to deliver a number of these products to research reactors for exposure," he added. In July, the Innoprom 3D printer was unveiled by Rosatom in an Industrial trade fair at Yekaterinburg. Innoprom was the first 3D printer from Russia to use metal powder for printing. The printer was capable of printing 15-75 cubic centimeters worth of material in an hour, thanks to the 1000 Watt laser on-board.

With plants in more than 15 countries, Rosatom is expected to fan 3D printing much farther into Asia and Eastern Europe. 


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