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Article on 3d printing - Exchange of 3D printable files

Published on 10 January , 2014 | By - Exchange of 3D printable files

Sharing and paid exchange of 3D printable files is a web platform facilitating sharing and paid exchange of 3D printable files. The start-up was founded 2013 Tony Kitipov, and students of the Bulgarian National Academy of Art  Cveta-Maria Partaleva and Stan Partalev and the website went live in December 2013. has taken the best practices from other existing online marketplaces and adapted it to 3D printing file sharing. The subscribers can upload their 3D files in different formats and choose to either sell or share them for free.

Unlike other 3D printing template markets, is not a direct seller of 3D files but only offers a sharing platform charges a commission on a sold item. The platform offers its customers an extensive variety of items to choose from, ranging from unique Antique and Art items from Eastern Europe, Russia and Greece - some originating from private collections, through Electronics, Home and Office, Motors, and Medical models.

The subscribers are encouraged to upload more and highly original 3D printing files thus making the unique 3D printing file sharing place. on facebook

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