Verus Art to use 3D Scanning&Printing to recreate Fine art masterpieces

  • Nimish Sany
  • 20 June , 2016

Fine art masterpieces are always coveted from general public. Whether you are an enthusiast or an art student, the works are well out of your reach and can be viewed only in the gallery, a certain feet away from you and yet remain cardinal pieces for studying fine art. Our chances of viewing pieces from Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Van Gogh are scarce, let alone touching them.

However, it might just be possible. Verus Art, a conglomeration of Larson-Juhl, an American design firm and Dutch companies Océ, A Canon Company and Arius Technologies is planning to recreate the coveted masterpieces to utmost detail, so these legendary works of art could reach a wider audience. This will allow public to view up close the portraits, landscapes and oil paintings that has kept us fascinated over the centuries. The pieces will be 3D scanned to even the tiniest of details and will be 3D printed cautiously as for the time-weathered colors. The replica created will be used for educational and awareness purposes.

Paul Lindhal, CEO of Arius Technologies explains about the importance of detail involved in replicating the pieces, "It will measure the surface of the painting to ten microns, which is about one tenth of a human hair."

The in-situ 3D scanning of the pieces will take place in the respective art galleries and the acquired 3D data will be sent to the Netherlands for replication. The print will use polymer ink to recreate even the brushstrokes as accurately as the original and as far as the canvas is concerned, aluminum is proposed. Van Gogh’s one of the most acclaimed works ‘Iris’ was replicated by Verus, but gaining the copyrights of a painting whose sister piece was auctioned for a whopping $54 million will present a problem. It also hints at copyright issues that could crop up in the future.


"This is a great example of an application of 3D printing that will impact everyone”, added Lindhal.


Ofcourse, we can’t wait!


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